Meeting Rooms

Technology in Meeting Rooms

Modern meeting rooms are equipped with technology such as video conferencing tools, projectors, and interactive whiteboards. These tools enhance communication, collaboration, and the overall effectiveness of meetings.

Integrated audio visual technologies enable organisations to unite and collaborate with colleagues and customers, wherever they are.

Connect, present and collaborate, wired or wirelessly, with any device in any-sized space.

We can offer bespoke high-end & high-performance commercial systems fully installed.

  • Interactive Touchscreens

    Incorporating a touchscreen is absolutely essential in any modern meeting room. Touchscreen technology has overtaken traditional projection and enhances collaboration, communication, efficiency and professionalism. See products

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  • Video Conferencing Equipment

    An absolute essential in the modern meeting room, in a post-covid world where remote working is now commonplace a high-quality video conferencing system that is easy to use is an absolute must have. Learn more

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  • Wireless Presentation

    Going hand-in-hand with interactive and video conferencing systems, wireless presentation devices allow you to easily connect laptop, tablet or phone to the rooms other systems such as interactive touchscreen, commercial display or TV - simply and easily. We can provide top brands such as Kramer, Lennovo Thinksmart, Yealink and more.

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  • Room Booking Systems

    Room booking systems are used to manage & streamline the reservation of physical spaces such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, & other facilities. These systems provide a central platform to efficiently schedule, book, and coordinate the use of rooms. Display signage outside the rooms, integrate with digital calendars, book online and more.

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  • Room Control & Automation

    Room control and automation systems are part of the broader concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), where devices are interconnected to create a smart and efficient working environment. These systems aim to simplify tasks, improve energy efficiency, and enhance overall user experience. Automatically control your AV and presentation equipment from anywhere in the room; wired or wirelessly on any iOS or Android device. User-friendly room control technology will take your meeting room to the next level.

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  • Corporate Audio

    Choosing the right speakers for a meeting room depends on several factors, including the size of the room, purpose of the meetings, and the audio requirements. Green Monkey can help integrate the most appropriate audio systems for your needs considering all factors such as budget, aesthetics, acoustics of the room etc. If you need ceiling, wall or desktop speakers for your meeting room, background music for your shared spaces or a public announcement system - we've got you covered. Wired and wireless options available.

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From initial enquiry, we can arrange for one of our professional and fully qualified engineers to come and visit your location, talk you through your requirements and offer an audio visual solution to best suit your specific needs.

Use the contact form below or email us for an obligation free chat about your requirements.

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Why Use Green Monkey?

What Happens Next?

After receiving your enquiry, we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs, including your budget, timescales and any other factors that might impact delivery.

Once we’ve developed a clear picture of the job, we’ll conduct a site survey to assess the room. Occasionally, we will work with the M&E contractor or electrical engineers to ensure the correct provisions are implemented if it’s a new building.

Once we're happy with the spec, we’ll provide a formal proposal with a few options based on different technologies and budgets. We also outline the pros and cons of each option and welcome any questions you may have.

What’s more, all Green Monkey AV projects are delivered with comprehensive system commissioning and a bespoke client training package, which may include training, manuals, warranties, and maintenance visits.

Note that additional site surveys are occasionally required, but we offer virtual meetings and are happy to provide revised quotes based on any changes to the initial request.

Why are meeting rooms so important?

Meeting rooms play a crucial role in the functioning of a business for several reasons:

Collaboration and Communication: Meeting rooms provide a dedicated space for teams to come together and collaborate. Allowing for better understanding, brainstorming, and problem-solving.

Decision-Making: Important decisions are often made during meetings. Having a designated space for decision-making discussions allows for focused and structured conversations that can lead to effective resolutions.

Team Building: Meetings provide an opportunity for team members to connect on a personal level, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. This is especially important in building a positive and collaborative work culture.

Presentations and Training: Meeting rooms are essential for conducting presentations and training sessions. Whether it's sharing important information, training new employees, or presenting to clients, having a well-equipped meeting space is vital for effective communication.

Client Meetings: Businesses often need to host clients or external partners for discussions, negotiations, or presentations. A well-designed meeting room can leave a positive impression on clients and contribute to successful business relationships.

Confidential Discussions: Certain discussions, such as those involving sensitive information, strategic planning, or confidential matters, require a private and secure environment. Meeting rooms offer a controlled setting for such discussions.

Productivity: Structured meetings help in managing time efficiently. With a designated space, teams can conduct meetings without interruptions, improving overall productivity.

Creativity and Innovation: Meeting rooms provide a space for creative thinking and innovation. Brainstorming sessions and ideation workshops often benefit from a physical environment that encourages free thinking and idea generation.

Documentation and Record-Keeping: Meetings often involve discussions and decisions that need to be documented. Having a dedicated meeting space facilitates the organisation and retrieval of important information for future reference.