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A pleasant working environment is largely determined by acoustics. Sound absorption panels muffle annoying reverberations in the space. That means conversations can be held in the same space where colleagues are concentrating on work, for example. Ideal for shared office spaces or home working environments where there might be background noise. 

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18 mm thick PET felt

The Acoustics panels are made from PET felt. This lightweight felt material muffles sound waves, reducing reverberation. The thicker the panels, the higher the capacity to absorb sound. Our panels are 18 mm thick with an NRC of 0.6.


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Acoustic wall products

Acoustic wall panels can be mounted to any wall thanks to handy stickers. They come in sets of 12 or 24 wall tiles of 300x300mm per tile for maximum versatility you can attach them in any configuration of your choice.

Also available as a set of 4 wall strips sized 1200x300mm per strip.

Four colour options are available.

Acoustic ceiling products

Acoustic ceiling panels can be mounted onto partition walls or ceilings easily with the hangers supplied. They are easy to adjust in height.

Available as rectangular panels that can be hung upright or flat, Round panels. Including mounting material for hanging from ceilings, as well as mounting material for mounting on the wall. And Hanging partition walls. Can be hung to up to 2000mm below the ceiling.