AV Consultation & Design

We understand that the choice of technology can be completely overwhelming, and Green Monkey can take away the confusion and uncertainty by deciphering through all the choice to find the right blend of products and solution for your needs.

First we will build up a picture of exactly what you are trying to achieve, what existing infrastructure you have in place already and take into account factors such as financial, the environment, your company culture to design an AV or UC solution that is specific for your needs.

First Steps

So, you've placed an enquiry with Green Monkey - what happens next?

After receiving your enquiry, we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs, including budget, timescales and any other factors that might impact delivery of your project.

Once we’ve developed a clear picture of the job, we will usually conduct a site survey to assess the areas involved in the project. If required in a new building, we will work with the M&E contractor or electrical engineers to ensure the correct provisions are implemented.

Once everyone is happy, we can move onto reviewing the available technology.

Technology Review

When considering an AV or UC project, it's important to look at the new technologies available, and consider the existing technology and hardware you may have already in place.

We want to provide a solution that is reliable and will fit into any existing systems without conflict.

We look at longevity. Will your existing technologies be compatible? Can we reuse equipment or is is it the right time to replace technology? We will work within your budgets and recommend replacing existing equipment only when this is technologically and economically beneficial.

Presenting Solutions 

Once we're happy with the products identified, we will provide a formal proposal for your consideration. 

We often include different options based on different technologies and budgets. We will outline the pros and cons of each option and welcome any questions you may have.

We can go through these options over the telephone, over video calls or in person where preferred.

We are equipped to answer questions you may have and can often organise product demonstrations to make sure that you can make an informed decision about which solution is right for you before making a committed purchase. 

Flexible Approach

At Green Monkey we understand that business needs change. We take a flexible approach with our clients, and if new requirements arise; such as additional functionality needs, room changes or budget cuts we will revise and refine your proposal.

Any design costs will be outlined at the start of the project and are only levied if the project proceeds.