Fixed framed Projector Screens are an excellent option for a dedicated home cinema room or in a large corporate boardroom or conference room.

They are different from a traditional projector screen, as they are designed to be permanently visible even when not in use. The projection area is surrounded by an attractive thick black textured border on all sides. They have a tension system built in to ensure the surface is kept perfectly flat, and are available in different sizes and shapes.

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Why buy a Fixed Frame Projector Screens?

Fixed framed Projector Screens offer a completely different visual appeal to a traditional projector screen. Permenantly on display, you need to have available wall space to dedicate to a Fixed Frame projector screen, but they offer an excellent option for a dedicated home cinema room or in a large corporate boardroom or conference room. Once installed they look super smart with the attractive and sophisticated black velvet border surround, and you get an excellent viewing experience.

Aspect Ratio

With a fixed frame screen, it is important to select the correct aspect area for your needs. Unlike a traditional projector screen, you can't stop the screen fabric at different heights, so the projection area is set and sized to match a particular aspect ratio. This is surrounded by a thick black velvet border on all sides. This adds contrast and improves the picture quality.

For home cinema, full HD 1080P & 4K resolution projectors, choose 16:9 widescreen fixed frame projector screens.

Most boardrooms and corporate settings will use a WXGA or WUXGA projector and are best suited to 16:10 widescreen fixed frame projector screens.

For older XGA projector resolution choose 4:3 video format fixed frame projector screens.

Fabric Options

On all fixed frame projector screens, the fabric is tensioned outwards and fastened behind the rigid frame, to ensure the surface is kept flat. Acoustically transparent, front/rear projection, 2D/3D motorized.

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