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Sapphire Electric Tab Tensioned Screen

Sapphire Electric Tab Tensioned Screen (16:9) 2.0m 92"

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If you are looking for a high-end projector screen without the premium price the stylish tab tension screen makes a fantastic addition to your set up

  • Supplied with a 10m trigger cable to enable you to trigger the screen once the projector is on or off (projector need a 12v output)
  • The Screen is supplied with an Infrared remote control and IR extender so that the screen can be recessed or hidden out of sight.
  • Supplied with bear end cables for RS232 and contact closure control.
  • Energy-saving with the ultra-low power consumption.
  • Sleek white aluminium casing will allow a discreet installation in any environment.

With a unique tension system, the screen surface is taut and tensioned at every point to ensure a perfect projection surface.

Product Code Aspect Ratio Screen Size Diagonal Size
PROSC-1076 (16:9) 2.0m 92"

Download the full-screen size guide below:

Safety & Technical Data Sheet Screen Size Guide

***Dimensions are approximate and have a degree intolerance***

About Tab-Tensioned

Tab-tensioned screens work in the same way as electric wall/ceiling screens, but offer the additional benefit of an inbuilt tension system to ensure a long-lasting and completely flat viewing surface, which creates a theatre level imaging effect. The material on a Tab Tension screen is not only pulled down by the weight of the bar but also from the left and right side by a Nylon string. The string is periodically connected to the material via small "Tabs" hence the name Tab Tension.

Fabric Specifications

The fabric used is a specially designed PVC material to help capture a flawless and outstanding image. The screen is coated with micron diamond optical microgrooves to help produce a 4K resolution.

Sapphire Tab Tension Electric Screen - Fabric Specs

Sapphire Tab Tension Electric Screen - Fabric Specs


Suitable for wall, ceiling mount or ceiling hang. The channel fix brackets allow you to slide horizontally along the back of the channel to make installation simple.


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