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Sahara Pro Electric Tab Tensioned Screen

Sahara Pro Electric Tensioned Screen (16:10) 2.7m 125"

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Quick and safe mounting system.

With tab tensioning systems this ensures that the screen in absolutely flat which avoids curling around the vertical outer edges of the screen. The fabric used in this screen gives excellent flatness. The screen has a quick and safe mounting system which is available in a wide range of sizes.

Product Code Aspect Ratio Screen Size Diagonal Size
PROSC-1370 4:3 2.4m 117"
PROSC-1371 4:3 2.7m 132"
PROSC-1372 4:3 3.0m 147"
PROSC-1376 16:9 2.4m 94"
PROSC-1377 16:9 2.7m 121"
PROSC-1378 16:9 3.0m 135"
PROSC-1373 16:10 2.4m 110"
PROSC-1374 16:10 2.7m 125"
PROSC-1375 16:10 3.0m 139"

The image is neatly masked by a black border which enhances the on-screen picture.

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