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Lockable notice boards are ideal for public areas, corridors and walkways. They provide secure protection of your information and notices.

All lockable Noticeboards come with lockable frames, shatterproof acrylic clear doors and pinnable fabric backing to enable push pins and Velcro attachments.

Lockable noticeboards vary in quality and profile – from the entry-level economy, a simple aluminium frame paired with a non-fire-rated fabric, to the more premium wood showcase option, which affords a greater choice of size options, fire-rated material in lots of colour options and a thick hardwood frame. You can read our buying guide below.

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How To Choose The Right Lockable Noticeboard

When deciding which option is right for you – you need to think about what you are buying the board for, where it is going to be mounted, how long you want it to last for, and if you want it to visually add to the setting.

If your primary concern is budget, the entry level economy noticeboard will be sufficient.

If you are putting the board into a public building, you need to consider the fire safety requirements. By law, all public buildings require Class 1 in offices and rooms and Class B in corridors and stairwells.

Class 1 – Offices & Rooms - Safety glazing which is flame retardant to BS476, part 7, Class B. The Fabric and pinboard core meet the necessary requirements of BS476, Part 6 & 7 and BSEN 12823 and BSEN 11925-2

Class B – Corridors & Stairwells - Safety glazing which is flame retardant to BS476, part 7, Class B. 9mm. Class B Fire Rated backing pinboard & Fabric option when tested as a composite panel meet the necessary requirements of BS476, Part 6 & 7 and BSEN 12823 and BSEN 11925-2

All of our tamperproof noticeboards with the exception of the economy board meet these standards and can be used in any location.

You also need to consider the type of frame that will work in the space you have. Some of the lockable noticeboards open outwards and you will require the. room available to work to change the notices. If space is tight, for example in a narrow corridor, you may want. to opt for a sliding frame, which allows you to change the notices by sliding one door in front or behind the other.

You also need to consider the visual aesthetics of the noticeboard.

The Bright and Vivid range offer some really exciting colours that can stand out and look more vibrant in a workplace or liven up a communal hallway in a building block.

The wood framed tamperproof offers a wood finish which looks lovely in some settings. The showcase takes this one step further with a really high quality 42mm eco-friendly FSC certified hardwood frame.

As well as the frame you need to think about the type of fabric you want. Most of our noticeboards are offered in felt. Felt is ideal for pining notices and will also accept Velcro attachments.

However we also provide alternative fabric options – premium woven fabrics such as the Eco-Sound Blazemaster boards. These lockable noticeboards are made from 100% recycled PET with fire resistant and acoustic properties, making this noticeboard ideal for use within busy public spaces, learning, office environments and general working environments. Independently tested and classified as Class B rated to meet building regulations for mounting in sensitive public areas such as corridors, stairways and entrances. These noticeboards also have the added benefit of aiding the reduction of noise transfer in busy environments. Under laboratory conditions, Eco-Sound Blazemaster noticeboard products can achieve an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating up to an impressive 0.8 and are fully certified to BS EN SOI 11654: 1997 Class E.

Anti-Bacterial noticeboards should also be considered if you are placing the noticeboards into a sterile environment. Our Antibac Tamperproof Noticeboards give maximum protection against harmful bacteria. Ideal for healthcare, catering and similar anti-bacterial sensitive areas. The noticeboard surface eliminates 99.9% of bacteria including MRSA, E-Coli and Coronaviruses within 1 hour. The fabric is manufactured using fine silver threads woven into the fabric which works through ionisation to smother any microorganisms that land on the fabric surface. Antibac display boards comply with the Health Act 2006 Code of Practice for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections, and are Class B Fire Rated.

If you’re looking for something a bit different consider our Tamperproof noticeboard with a printed header. You can have these tailored to your bespoke needs, perhaps with your organisation’s logo printed on it, or with areas for different types of notice demarcated with dividing lines or labels.


Once you have decided on which type of board is best for your purposes, you need to consider the sizing. All dimensions given on our site are the external dimensions of the board inclusive of the frame profile. Most product description details show the sizing of the fabric area usable for pinning notices to. The larger the board, the heavier it will be, so you need to consider where you are mounting the board and ensure that the surface and wall type are suitable to support the load. Sizes are displayed in millimetres and in the order WIDTH (horizontal measurement) x HEIGHT (vertical measurement). Many of the frames are designed to be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation, so to be sure to measure your wall and make sure that you order the correct orientation on our website. Also check carefully to see if the unit is a single door or a double door, as the picture is not always indicative.

tamperproof lockable noticeboard layout

Bespoke Sizing

As all our noticeboards are made here in the UK it is possible for us to build a bespoke tamperproof noticeboard exactly to your requirements. We simply need to know your choice of frame and fabric, and the required dimensions.