Collection: Audio Conferencing Equipment

Often an afterthought, the choice of listening device for your conferencing setup can have a massive impact on call quality. Positioning is also crucial in helping to alleviate dead spots, or areas where your team might struggle to be heard without projecting themselves at a higher volume.

For smaller meeting rooms and boardrooms, we can recess speakers and microphones into walls or the ceiling to provide a discrete but optimised experience without sacrificing valuable space. Read our buying guide below

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While meeting and conference rooms still form an important part of many office spaces, over the past few years there has been an increasing need for personal AV facilities at individual employee workstations or at their homes. While these smaller setups seem simpler and not in need of too much thought, many businesses are undermining their quality of service by purchasing cheap headsets rather than giving due consideration to the more professional but still relatively inexpensive options that are available.

Mass market speakers built into laptops and devices can be small, lack depth, volume level is limited. They are also designed for general purpose: watching films, YouTube, listening to music or Spotify etc. By comparison, professional audio solutions are specifically designed for voice and with so many options out there can be tailored to your requirements.