Zoom Room

What Is a Zoom Room?

Zoom is the name of both a business and service which allows users to participate in online video meetings via desktop and mobile devices with just a few clicks. Zoom has been around for a while, but has exploded in popularity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, meaning that more and more people are adopting virtual meeting solutions for both personal and business use.

Teams is a solution from Microsoft offering similar functionality, with the added benefit of close integration to the Office suite of products.

A “Zoom Room” or “Teams Room” is a professionally configured facility for running such meetings, with all the facilities required to make running such virtual gatherings a cinch.

The main features of a Zoom or Teams Room include:

  • Dedicated audio and video equipment, capable of providing high quality, real-time streams
  • Wireless content sharing capabilities, enabling users to share directly from their own devices
  • Accessible to a wide range of devices, such as laptops and tablets running a variety of operating systems
  • Robust security to ensure disruption-free meetings

What You Need For A Zoom Room

Although a professional Zoom Room requires quality hardware, a professional setup doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank. Our Zoom Room solutions are tailored to your business needs, the confines of the space you have available and are sympathetic to budgetary restrictions. Our expert engineers will recommend the best balance of video and audio equipment for your circumstances.

Building Your Zoom Room System

Here at Green Monkey AV, we believe in collaborating with our clients from initial consultation to final installation and maintenance. That’s why every enquiry is handled by one of our trained and experience engineers. We will work together with you to find the right hardware for your Zoom Room system that fits within your business’ budget and requirements. We can help you find the perfect solution through our Zoom Room hardware and advanced technology find out more about our AV installation solutions.

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