Sahara Clevertouch Innovation Centre| Leeds Showroom

Sahara Clevertouch Innovation Centre| Leeds Showroom

Clevertouch Innovation Centre

The Venue

Inside Leeds train station, No.1 Aire Street is a 3 minute walk from Granary Wharf which lines the canal basin and plays host to a number of cocktail bars and eateries. Not far is the White Cloth Gallery, which opened in 2012 and alongside an exhibition space, and serves excellent wines and tapas. Over the canal a new development has popped up over the last few years, and is home to a hive of media and tech companies.

Cleverotuch innovation centre - Leeds

The Showroom

Myself and our new office manager, Tracey, got on the train at Manchester Piccadilly to embark on our journey to the Leeds showroom. With coffees in hand we walked to the showroom in the station and met Sahara's own Business Development Manager Matt Stoddard. Matt showed us around the very spacious showroom which had a number of Clevertouch products in, as you can see in the above photographs. Matt did various demos on the Pro and Plus units and as always, we were blown away by the products. Here at Green Monkey we firmly believe that the Clevertouch Plus and Pro units are in a league of their own. You really do have to see the products in action to appreciate what  wonderful pieces of interactive technology they are. Matt  told me about a few updates that have been going on behind these scenes... shhh! I'm the only one in the know!

  • The Cleverstore on the Clevertouch Plus now has over 300 apps!
  • The Clevertouch V series now come in three sizes (55",65" & 70")
  • Montage Lite is now built into the Pro units for up to 4 users in the same room.

Tracey and I would like to thank Matt and the team at Sahara for taking the time out of their day to show us around the showroom and to demo such fantastic products to us.

The Journey Home...

In high spirits myself and Tracey left the showroom to catch our trains back to Manchester however there was an issue... All services back to Manchester has been cancelled. Therefore we had no option but to get on the replacement bus service from Huddersfield back to Manchester! Three hours later than planned we got back to our head office in Manchester just in time for a cup of tea with the team before we ventured out to the local pub for a quiz. If you're interested in seeing Clevertouch or any of our other products, please do get in touch with our team of advisors.

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