Coronavirus & The Impact On Home Working

Coronavirus & The Impact On Home Working

The Changing World

 Coronavirus 2020 With Coronavirus raging through the nation, and the government setting unprecedented restrictions on movement of people, more and more people are being requested to work from home.

At Green Monkey, this new world didn't cause too Many technical and logistical problems, as we were already pretty well set up for our employees to work remotely.

However, for some companies, they have had to quickly adapt and invest in hardware and software to facilitate this.

Adapting To The New Normal

As well as laptops, mobile phones, telecommunication solutions, and practical working spaces for your employees, you also need to consider the best way to communicate both internally and with customers.

Video Conferencing Solutions

You need a stable, reliable platform on which you can host meetings and add participants easily. Customers don't always want to download software to their devices for the sake of a quick meeting. So it's essential to offer a browser based solution that will enable you to keep talking, sharing and collaborating with colleagues, and presenting, pitching and sharing with clients.

To help your business continue as usual, StarLeaf made their online video meeting and messaging solutions available to everyone for free. All you need is an email address and an internet connection, and you can start working remotely within seconds. 

  • Meet with anyone, anywhere, on any device 
  • Works the way you do
  • Get everyone working remotely in no time
  • Secure, reliable, simple  

You can read more on STARLEAF.

Hardwear Thats Up to the Task

As well as effective VC systems, you will also need hardhat that is up to the task. Much of the VC hardware offered is designed for larger meeting rooms and small huddle rooms - such as our Konftel equipment. Clearly this is not suitable in the current climate of a 2-meter minimum distance. Personal headphones, microphones and web cams are more appropriate here.

Working Space

We have had requests for Whiteboard Paints and Blackboard paints to make creative and practical work spaces in peoples homes. We do offer these products and they are now hosted our our sister website


Whiteboard paints can help create a writing area on any wall or flat surface.

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