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Whiteboards for Children

Whiteboards For Children

All of the whiteboards in this category are designed specifically for use by children. Perfect for the classroom, nurseries, playschool, childrens bedrooms etc.

little boy with playing

They are the perfect height for children and are manufactured to a high standard with great quality dry erase whiteboard materials. All junior range whiteboards have extended 5 year warranty and are the perfect teaching aid. Many come in a choice of surface options for play and learning: non magnetic dry erase whiteboards, magnetic dry erase whiteboards, chalkboards, and some accept flip chart paper.


We Offer portable desktop whiteboards which are designed to be used on a desk or table top. Desktop whiteboards offer a portable option which are easy to transport and can also be folded away for storage.

Within the junior range we also offer freestanding whiteboards for children which are ideal for classrooms or nurseries - they are just the right height for little hands!

children in classroom holding up lap whiteboards a4 sizedThe ideal teaching aid, we offer miniature double sided dry erase lap whiteboards for children to write on / wipe off with dry wipe marker pens. These are available to purchase in packs of 5 units, or packs of 30 for the whole class.

Available in standard white dry erase whiteboard finish and our specialist Colourwipe® finish.


Sand Timer

When Will I Get My Board?

Please click the product for more details.These whiteboards are manufactured to order so please allow 7 working days for delivery of your order. Delivery is free of charge.

What is Colourwipe® ?

Colourwipe® boards were designed for use in the classroom and offer a Dyselexia friendly alternative to the standard brilliant white finish of most whiteboards.

colourwipe colour chart: blue, yellow, green, cream & pink

Because they have been designed with softer pastel shades the text is proven as easier to read, especially for those with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia. 

The coloured surface of the boards accept whiteboard dry erase marker pens just like a standard whiteboard, enabling the user to write on - wipe off.

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4 Items

  1. Non Magnetic A4 Lap Whiteboard

    Non Magnetic A4 Lap Whiteboard Pack of 10

    £19.00 Inc VAT: £22.80
  2. Portable Desktop Whiteboard

    Portable Desktop Whiteboard

    Price From: £86.00 Inc VAT: £103.20
  3. Colourwipe A4 Lap Boards

    Dyslexia Friendly Colourwipe A4 Lap Boards

    Price From: £23.00 Inc VAT: £27.60
  4. Magnetic Dry-Wipe Boards 5 Pack

    Magnetic Dry-Wipe Boards 5 Pack

    £29.00 Inc VAT: £34.80
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4 Items