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Whiteboard Wallpaper

Confused about which Whiteboard wallpaper product to choose? Try our new whiteboard wall covering selection tool

Confused about which Whiteboard wallpaper product to choose?

Whiteboard Wallpaper

An ideal way to make use of empty wall space in offices, training rooms, meeting rooms and even in the home, these products will turn any surface into a dry erase whiteboard write on, wipe off area for note making, annotation or drawing.

What is Whiteboard Wall Paper?

Whiteboard wall paper products are all designed to offer a flexible alternative to the traditional whiteboard surfaces.

All the whiteboard wall paper products in this section are designed to be attached directly onto your wall. Whiteboard Wall Covering products offer:

• Versatility
• Flexibility
• Great performance
• Ability to cover large areas

How Much Will I Need?

Whiteboard wall covering products are sold are either fixed sized sheets or per linear meter on a roll. Please check product descriptions for details.

Where products are sold by the linear meter, this means that the roll is a set width and you can purchase how ever many linear meters it takes to cover your area. For example, if a roll is 1.2m wide and purchase 4 linear meters, you will have enough material to cover 4.8 meters square.

The whiteboard wall paper can be installed in long horizontal sections, vertical strips and even butted together to create large whiteboard walls. This fantastic versatile product can be installed in many different ways as shown in the diagram:

Whiteboard wall covering

The width of each product is different, so the quantity you will need varies.

Whiteboard wall paper diagram of how to measure

For Example:

Non Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Covering is 1.2m wide.

To cover an area 3.0m high x 5.0m wide you would need three horizontal strips each 1.2m wide x 5.0m long

Each strip is 1.2m wide so overall you end up with 3.6m wide x 5.0m long.

You would then trim to the 3.0m height 


To get the most out of your wall covering, when you are joining sections together we recommend always using horizontal strips where possible.

If you are struggling to work out how much material you will need, please contact our team who will happily help you with a quotation.

Which Whiteboard Wall Paper Should I Choose?

Choosing the right whiteboard wall paper product can be difficult. Our team of experts are always happy to help if you want to discuss your specific requirements, but we have also designed a whiteboard wall covering selection tool to help aid you in your product selection. Use the selector tool below to work out which product is right for you.

Whiteboard Wall Covering selection tool

Installing Whiteboard Wall Paper?

Installing Whiteboard Wall Covering is very similar to installing a commercial wall paper. Aside from the self adhesive products you will also need the correct adhesive. We have linked the appropriate one to each product so don't forget to add it to your basket!

Green Monkey would recommend using a professional decorator for installation, although you can install these products yourself if you are confident hanging wall paper. Full installation instructions are available on request.

We do offer installations via our recommended decorator. For a quotation please email us with your details and we will provide an obligation free quotation.

When Will I Get My Order?

Whiteboard Wall Paper products are kept in stock and available for immediate shipment. Delivery is free of charge to any UK mainland address and normally takes 2-3 working days.



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