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SketchPaint Whiteboard Paint

Free MagnetPaint

What is SketchPaint?

SketchPaint Whiteboard Paint is a flexible alternative to the traditional whiteboard...

SketchPaint whiteboard paint - big ideas

Transform any smooth surface into a dry erase whiteboard. Simply paint on, allow to dry and sketch away!

SketchPaint Whiteboard paint can be used on walls, table tops, pillars, doors - anywhere with a smooth flat surface. The flatter the surface, the better the final finish will be.

Ideal for training rooms, meeting rooms, board rooms and children's bedrooms alike, this flexible product is safe, durable and performs well. You can also use this product to paint over existing whiteboard/blackboard surfaces, saving you the expense of having to replace them altogether.

Let your imagination run free! 

How Does SketchPaint Work?


SketchPaint dry erase whiteboard paint

SketchPaint is a waterborne paint that is easy to apply and safe to use.

It comes delivered in 2 parts that when combined form a durable whiteboard paint.

You simply mix the parts together, paint over a smooth surface and then leave to dry for 5 days.

Requiring only one coat, you have yourself a hassle free stylish integrated whiteboard.

Because it has no (0%) Volatile Organic Compounds, no smells & no emissions while drying it is friendly to humans & the environment and complies to European Safety regulations. 

One Coat application Green Tick
Safe to use Green Tick
0% Volatile Organic Compounds Green Tick
No Emissions Green Tick
No Smells Green Tick
Dries in 5 days Green Tick


What will it look like when it's dry?

SketchPaint is available in two finishes - both of which, once dry, set hard and will accept whiteboard marker pens.

SketchPaint Whiteboard Paint dries with a white high gloss finish like a traditional whiteboard, whilst the Transparent SketchPaint  is the ideal solution is ideal if you want to a colour dry erase area as it dries completely clear. It is also perfect where you are looking for a wood finish dry erase surface.

SketchPaint whiteboard paint can even be used alongside our Magnetic Paint for a magnetic dry erase whiteboard surface.

How much do I need?

The product comes supplied in a tin, and we offer two sizes: 3 square metre or 6 square metre coverage.

It's really easy to calculate how any tins you need. Simply work out fow many square meters your area is, and divide this by the area the tin will cover. For example,

If your area is 3.5m wide x 1.5m high, this gives you a square metres area of 5.25 sq m (3.5 x 1.5)
Divide this by the maximum area one tin will cover (3 or 6 square meters depending on which size tin you need)
And this gives you the number of tins:

5.25 ÷ 6.0 = 0.8 tins

For this area, you would need to purchase one tin of the 6 square metre version, and you would have some left over to paint elsewhere.

If your area comes out at more than one tin - don't worry! You can mix multiple tins together to cover bigger areas.

For the best results coverage must always be maintained at a maximum of 3m² per 0.5L tin with one coat. Stretching the paint too thin will give a patchy and uneven finish. Please allow 5 days for the paint to fully dry before writing on, we recommend using Sketch pens and cleaner along with cotton cloths rather than board rubbers to wipe the wall clean.

When will I get my Order?

Sketch paint is kept in stock available for same day shipment, the cut off time for next day delivery is strictly 12PM due to an earlier courier collection. We offer 2-3 day delivery completely FREE OF CHARGE!

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  1. sketchpaint sample and magnetpaint sample

    Sketchpaint & Magnetpaint Sample Pack

    £5.00 Inc VAT: £6.00
  2. sketchpaint whiteboard paint woman

    SketchPaint Whiteboard Paint

    Price From: £49.00 Inc VAT: £58.80
  3. sketchpaint whiteboard paint man drawing

    SketchPaint Transparent Whiteboard Paint

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    Magnet Plaster

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  5. MagnetPaint Magnetic Paint

    MagnetPaint Magnetic Paint

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  6. Sketchpaint marker pen

    Sketchpaint Marker Pen

    Price From: £2.50 Inc VAT: £3.00
  7. sketchpaint whiteboard cleaner 125ml

    Sketchpaint Whiteboard Cleaner 125ml

    £7.00 Inc VAT: £8.40
  8. Sketch Accessories Kit

    Sketch Accessories Kit

    £29.00 Inc VAT: £34.80
  9. SketchPaint Dry Erase Pens and Cleaner

    SketchPaint Dry Erase Pens and Cleaner

    £15.00 Inc VAT: £18.00
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Items 1 to 9 of 11 total

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