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Mobile & Portable Whiteboards

Mobile & Portable Whiteboards

All the whiteboards in this category are designed to offer more flexibility than a standard wall fixed Whiteboard. Portable and Mobile Whiteboards are useful where you don't want to fix your whiteboard to a wall, but would rather have the ability to either carry the Portable Whiteboard with you, or in the case of our Free Standing Whiteboards, you need a Mobile Whiteboard on wheels.

Our Portable Desktop Whiteboard is ideal for presenters on the move.

Revolving whiteboard rotating on its axis


Revolving whiteboards can rotate can rotate 360° on the horizontal axis as pictured and come on mobile wheels.

The locking frame allows you to twist the whiteboard all the way around and lock in position so that you can access both sides of the double sided whiteboard.

The product is supplied including both the frame, double sided whiteboard plus a free pen tray. The frames have locking wheels allowing you to easily move the whiteboard around, or lock to secure them in place.

We offer Revolving mobile whiteboards with both magnetic or non magnetic surfaces, and in a selection of sizes.



Rotating Message board with three sidesAlternatively we also offer a three sided Rotating Message Board

A popular choice for call centres and busy office environments the rotating message board offers three sides which are faced in magnetic dry erase whiteboard surface. We can offer felt pinnable fabric as an alternative, or a combination of both.

Whatever finish you go for, each face measures 570mm wide x 1200mm high and the whole unit is mounted on a metal triangular plate for rigidity, and is secured at the top by a lock nut.

You can then turn the boards around 360° to view whichever side you want.


The Sliding Column Whiteboard is designed with classroom use in mind. The aluminium column allows the whiteboard to slide vertically the full length of the columns raising the writing surface up and ensuring a healthy posture at all times when using the board.

Column Whiteboard Sliding up and down

Please click the products for more information on these space saving mobile whiteboards.

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6 Items

  1. Portable Desktop Whiteboard

    Portable Desktop Whiteboard

    Price From: £86.00 Inc VAT: £103.20
  2. Non Magnetic Revolving Whiteboard

    Non Magnetic Revolving Whiteboard

    Price From: £158.00 Inc VAT: £189.60
  3. Magnetic Revolving Whiteboard

    Magnetic Revolving Whiteboard

    Price From: £202.00 Inc VAT: £242.40
  4. Freestanding Music Stave Magnetic Whiteboard

    Freestanding Music Stave Magnetic Whiteboard

    Price From: £229.00 Inc VAT: £274.80
  5. Double Sided Freestanding Music Stave Whiteboard

    Double Sided Freestanding Music Stave Whiteboard

    Price From: £259.00 Inc VAT: £310.80
  6. Rotating Message Board

    Rotating Message Board

    £418.00 Inc VAT: £501.60
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6 Items