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whiteboard wall covering selection tool


confused about wall coverings?


Confused about which Whiteboard wallpaper product to choose?

Use the selector below to work out which product is right for you. 

Go through the questions and click the answer that applies to you.
































do you need the surface to be MAGNETIC as well as write on   




























What kind of surface are you looking for? 







 Plain White Lines   Project On  Colour Finish  Metallic Finish

Non Mag WWC

NM Lined WWC  Project On WWC  colour WWC  Metallic WWC
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What kind of surface are you looking for?

 Plain White Lines   Grid Lines
 Mag write on WWC  Mag Lines WWC  Mag Grid Lines WWC
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 Do you need a seamless finish?

Most whiteboard wall papers are applied to the walls in sections.
Where the sections join together there are little join lines.
We have been increasingly asked for "seamless" finish with NO JOIN Lines.
If this is very important to your requirements, click YES below. 



 There are two options available PULL & IdeaPaint Combo 
Join Lines

PULL by Ideapaint


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 We have two options available. Is your priority Budget or Quality?

Budget  Quality


Flexi Sheet   Mag Wall Covering


Mag write on WWC
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