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Sliding Rail Systems

What Are Rail & Board Systems?

These clever systems are designed for use in board rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and anywhere else where you need flexibility to switch between numerous presentation functions.

These clever systems allow you to customise your room depending on your specific requirements for that session. Switch between write-on dry erase whiteboards, flipcharts, pinnable fabric covered noticeboards and a projector screen.

We offer three options, a traditional sliding rail systems and a newly developed "floating" system which uses magnets.

The sliding rail systems that we recommend are Twin Track sliding rail and MagiRail.

Alternatively, the Rocada Skin Whiteboard System offers a modern solution to this challenge.

Which one should I choose?

Twin Track & MagiRail Comparison  Twin Track &MagiRail Comparison

Whether to opt for the Twin Track rail system, Magirail or the Rocada Skin Whiteboard System is a completely individual choice. All offer a similar level of flexibility, but with different features.

Rocada is best suited where you have a dedicated space for whiteboards and noticeboards, but you want to be able to choose which surface option you would prefer.

Twin Track rail system and MagiRail offers more hanging options and is best suited where you need to leave all your presentation options up and running, with speedy access to all of them.

We have outlined the differences below:



Twin Track
Available equipment      
Whiteboard green tick green tick green tick
Noticeboard green tick green tick green tick
Chalkboard green tick    
Projector Screen   green tick green tick
Media bracket for TV / Laptop etc   green tick  
Quickly switch between equipment green tick green tick green tick
Use equipment simultaneously green tick green tick green tick
Slide equipment past each other   green tick green tick
Designed for permanent installation green tick green tick green tick
Can be easily installed green tick green tick green tick
Available for speedy delivery green tick green tick green tick
Customise size to fit any room   green tick green tick

You can read more on each of these products by clicking the images below. 

MagiRail Twin Track SkinWhiteboard
 MagiRail  Twin Track  Skin Whiteboard

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