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room control and automation

Is this vision all to familiar? Is the board room table cluttered with remote controls and no-one knows what any of them do? It's time to look into room control & automation...


DemoPad Software offers graphical user interface universal remote systems for custom control of audio visual equipment. Control your audio visual and presentation equipment from anywhere in the room. Your user experience can be completely customised to look and operate exactly as you want it to. You can use any graphics you wish, the only limitation is your imagination when it comes to designing your control system screens.

DemoPad certified installer

Being a certified DemoPad installer, Green Monkey have the expertise to advise, supply, install and configure your room control in a professional.

Installation team are fully qualified to program these control systems to offer the best user experience possible. What a load of old tosh, need some decent content in here.

Something that makes sense and makes people want to ring us about these solutions.

demopad - meeting room configuration demopad - zones configuration demopad - music configuration

DemoPad room control and automation

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