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We offer a full range of projectors from projectors that can fit in your pocket, cost effective entry level projectors, 3D home cinema projectors, ultra-short throw interactive projectors and powerful installation projectors.


We offer an extensive range of projectors


Optoma ProjectorsOptoma projectors offer excellent value for money and produce great quality. From ultra-portable to full installation and short-throw solutions.

Optoma Projectors


Vivitek Projectors Vivitek projectors offer excellent value for money and great quality produce.
All Vivitek projectors come with a 3 year collect/repair/return manufacturer’s warranty.


Vivitek Projectors


Epson Projectors Epson have wide range of projectors to suit all applications. From entry level business projectors, home cinema models to high-end solutions for conference, school or events applications.


Epson Projectors


NEC Projectors NEC offer an award-winning projector range with projectors for all needs, from portable projectors to full installation projectors with excellent brightness and performance.


NEC Projectors

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