touchfoil enabling interactivity

Turn your shop window into an interactive touch display


Visual Planet's interactive touchfoil technology transforms glass into an interactive screen. It helps you create powerful, engaging communications with customers at times and in situations where you wouldn't normally be able to reach them.

Turn a non-touch display into a touchscreen with Touchfoil

Touchfoil can be applied to and works through glass and other non-metallic surfaces, adding interactive touch capabilities to wide ranging applications when combined with a screen and PC.

Best of all, it’s really easy to use, people simply touch a screen to get hold of interesting information.

Available between display sizes of 30" and 167" they can be fitted and even retrofitted to a range of display screens. The touchfoil uses unique touch technology that enables touch to be detected comprising of a clear laminated plastic sheet with embedded ultra-thin wires in a grid leading to a controller.

The touchfoil is attached to any non-metallic substrate and when the substrate is touched, the change is detected by the controller and calculates where on the grid was touched which then is communicated to your computer and your interactive software application.

The touchfoil is touchable through glass whether inside or outside of your premises in a variety of public spaces. A rear projection screen or LCD monitor can be mounted behind the touchfoil to complete a through glass touch experience. They enhance the buying experience, they extend your opening hours.

Single User Touchfoil

What is it?

A customisable thin film touch sensor for mouse, single and dual touch (two touch) response.

green-tick Unique patented masked self capacitive (MaskedCap) sensing technology

green-tick Large format available in sizes from 30" to 167"

green-tick Heightened security and reliability: superior behind glass design aesthetic

green-tick Plug 'n' Play delivers HID compliant touch data directly to the Operating System

green-tick Microsoft Windows & Desktop Linux configuration utility available for systems to adjust controller settings

What is it used for?

The touchfoil is integrated into a wide range of solutions to enable interactivity. The touch sensor has been specifically engineered to add touch capabilities to self-service applications such as:

green-tick Indoor kiosks

green-tick Outdoor totems

green-tick Way finders

green-tick Retail vending

green-tick Ticketing machines

green-tick Point of information

green-tick Through retail window solutions


How it works

Adding the touchfoil

The flexible, film touchfoil is applied to a substrate using a lamination process to create an interactive touch surface.

Once applied the controller board is connected to the contacts on the touchfoil, which is in turn connected via a mini USB to a computer or media player.

adding the touchfoil

Enabling the interactivity

This example shows how (once applied to the back of the glass) to the touchfoil is used to provide a touch surface for a standard non-interactive LCD display.


enabling the interactivity

How the sensor works

When the glass surface is touched the change is detected by the touch controller and relayed as X and Y co-ordinates to your computer and your interactive software applications.

How the sensor works



Designed for you

A film touch sensor that addresses the requirements for rugged unattended touch applications, as well as the option to deliver bespoke design options for unique projects.



Zero maintenance

Low maintenance costs and exceptional durability enable the development of systems for placement within hostile operating environments – without compromising on design or performance.


Weather Resistant

 The superior behind glass design aesthetic means that once laminated behind the glass and integrated into your solutions, the touchfoil can work in all weather conditions and challenging operating environments. It is both robust, reliable and vandal proof.


Works through thick glass

Specifically engineered to perform consistently through glass up to 15mm thick allowing total freedom of choice - plus the ability to easily upgrade non-touch without modifications to the existing glass.

Lightweight and flexible

Fast turnaround times, easily rolled up, safely packaged in a tube and shipped anywhere around the world.


Continuous development

Committed to the ongoing development of the touchfoil in line with the touch sensor component market needs.





Education & Learning (Schools, Universities & Museums)

education applications

In a world where immediate, interactive access to information and knowledge has come to be expected, there is a requirement for museums and educational settings to keep up with the latest communication technology developments. Staying connected to audiences and encouraging curiosity through interactive digital displays can help to keep the magic of learning alive.

For museums, visitors centres and receptions, touch screens enable users to create a truly personalised, engaging experience – and provide a new and novel way to curate their knowledge and artefacts. Visitors can dig deeper into specific topics, switch languages, play games, watch stories and test their knowledge.

This interactivity enables more of the facility’s wealth of expertise to be on display than would ever fit on a simple plaque or static poster!

Corporate & Industry

corporate applications

There are multiple ways to enhance the corporate environment with the incorporation of interactivity - improve organisational culture, enable better internal and unified communication, make it easy for visitors to find their way around or find out about your company -all whilst demonstrating your commitment to progressive technology.

Stand out from the competition with dynamic digital screens showing offers, new products and corporate updates. Improve efficiency with easy access calendars, timetables, real time progress, efficiency and target updates. Dynamically change screen messages to welcome key visitors or celebrate specific events.

For larger offices or industrial campuses, digital maps and the ability to book rooms on a touchscreen make getting around and organising meetings so simple. Maintain consistency, improve efficiency yet remain flexible with the central management of a network of displays.

Entertainment & Recreation (Hospitality & Leisure)

entertainment application

Digital screens are an important asset for the hospitality and leisure markets. By enabling interactivity, organisations can minimise queues, speed up the ticketing process and make it easy for visitors to find their way around and take advantage of deals and promotions.

Touchscreens can be used to get important messages to visitors at the right time, delivering consistent, helpful and knowledgeable service to provide them with a wider range of information that is important to them.

Once you have engaged your customers you can influence their buying decisions with interactive digital marketing and brand campaigns. You can even sell advertising space to suppliers, business partners, or other local businesses.


retail application

It is now simple to maximise the potential of your bricks and mortar store by incorporating interactivity into your digital signage solutions. Optimise multi-channel opportunities and generate real return on investment with through window solutions, self-service applications, wayfinders and interactive mirrors - all of which can easily transform into an effective large format advertising or information space.


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