AV solutions for Primary & Secondary Education Receptions

Audio Visual solutions perfect for Primary Education

Digital signage in Reception and across campus

Sedao digital signage lets you communicate easily and effectively with your staff, students and visitors.

Display content from Sedao's user friendly online platform to educate and inform your audiences. Easily create visitor welcome messages or staff notices that incorporate live news feeds, social media streams and many other media formats.

Digital signage in Reception and across campus Sedao content system

Visitor management and Safeguarding in Reception

InVentry Reception Console

This state-of-the-art console gives your receptionist full access to the visitor and staff database. With just a few clicks you can perform a database search, print visitor reports and fully manage the system. For complete control over the protection of data, you can create multiple user accounts with different permission levels.

20” Touch Screen Monitor with Integrated Webcam
This robust but responsive touch screen gives a modern, professional look to your reception or entrance area. The integrated webcam allows you take instant photos of visitors to create both temporary and permanent ID cards.

InVentry visitor management system image1  InVentry visitor management system image2

Interactive Teaching and Collaboration

Interactive in a classroom

Clevertouch IMPACT series

Impact Series has revolutionised classroom technology. It's incredibly functional, with its easy-to-use LUX software and an intuitive walk-up-and-use experience, it makes technology simple and accessible to all ages and backgrounds.

With hundreds of apps available for free from the Cleverstore, and access to Snowflake Lesson's Community where teachers share their interactive activities, you'll have more resources than ever, with no subscription costs or hidden fees.

Clevertouch Impact series brochure Clevertouch Impact series brochure

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