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Projectors and Projection Screens

Large screen solutions for any environment

Sometimes, you just cannot beat a projector for a BIG picture impact, or to provide alternatives when you can't use a big TV or Touchscreen, such as when it's mounted in front of a window or glass partition.

We can offer a range of projectors and screens to suit your requirements.

Biggest brands, best performance

Through Green Monkey, you can access the complete ranges from all the brand leaders in projection technology, with Full-HD performance now widely available at affordable prices, as well as the latest eco-friendly laser units with 20,000 hour light engines, so no expensive lamps to replace.

panasonic projectors
NEC projectors
maxwell projectors
BenQ projectors
Optoma Vivitek Epson Casio

Don't forget the screen!

No matter how good the projector is, it's essential that you complete your investment with the correct projection screen. It must be the right size, have the correct aspect ratio, and a suitable surface to match the projector and the user environment. We do a huge range screens to suit all requirements.

Sapphire projector screens
Celexon projector screens Stumpfl projector screens
Screenline projector screens Draper projector screens Screenlabs projector screens 

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Aspect Ratios

If you're confused about aspect ratio, please click here for more information.

aspect ratio explained

Leasing Option

Westwon leasing  All our projector and screen solutions are available on business or educational leases of up to 5 years, on competitive rates. See the online Leasing Calculator.

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