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We offer a huge range of solutions for large meeting rooms, lecture theatres and auditoriums. With a range of electric screens up to 12m wide, coupled with the very latest Ultra-high-definition projectors to deliver stunning images. These projectors are equipped with a laser light source which offers up to 20,000 hours of operation which makes it the perfect solution for large venues that need power, flexibility and a durable solution.

Typical Lecture Theatre Projection system

The projection system will comprise of 2 x DLP or LCD  laser powered projectors with minimum 7000 ANSI lumens brightness rating and WUXGA resolution. Each projector will have the ability to display the content of any source equipment including the camera system. 2 x 3m projection screens will be fitted to the teaching wall adjacent to each other appropriately positioned for good visibility.

The projectors will be mounted at a throw distance sufficient for the image given to fill the screens with no overspill or this will be achieved with the correct lens. The screens will be powered and retractable. The screens must be set so that they drop to provide the exact surface for the projected image. The screens will be of a suitable size for the individual space providing a large image but with no line of sight or obstruction issues.

The projectors will be housed within security cages in the projection room making them secure yet accessible for maintenance purposes.


Every type of installation varies, so we can design a solution to fit using microphones, mixers, amplifiers, speakers from top manufacturers such as Audio Technica, Allen & Heath, Crown, Bose, Yamaha & Shure.

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The system can be separated into 3 areas; Voice reinforcement, Programme sound & Hearing enhancement system

1. Voice reinforcement

This part of the system will consist of a gooseneck microphone securely mounted onto the lectern surface, 2* UHF handheld radio, and 2* lapel microphones, a suitable number of speakers to provide effective coverage and, mixing and amplification. The rating of the amplifier and speakers is also related to the size and acoustic nature of the space as is the number of speakers but full, clear, feedback free sound reproduction in any level of occupancy of the theatre up to full capacity must be achievable. The user will not be able to access level control of the voice reinforcement system but adjustment must be possible by technical staff via system equipment. The system must have the ability mix all microphone signals concurrently. The system must have an available output for the purposes of the hearing enhancement system.

2. Programme sound

This part of the system amplifies and outputs sound from selected source equipment such as the HDD/DVD player/recorder, PC and auxiliary inputs. The power rating of the amplifier and cab speakers will be related to the dimensions and acoustic nature of the space. The switching functionality may be a feature of the control processor or achieved in a separate unit. The system must have an available output for the purposes of the hearing enhancement system. The user will have full level control via the touch panel of the control system.

Both of the areas described previously may be achieved in one or separate units but the full functionality must be provided as must true separation between the systems.

3. Hearing enhancement system

The system must provide the ability to receive the signals output from the voice reinforcement and line level audio systems and feed it into an infra red system for the hearing impaired. The transmitters must be situated in a suitable position on or near the teaching wall and be able to prove a clear line of sight signal to cover all seated areas of the lecture theatre.

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