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Whiteboard Wallpaper: Non Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Covering

Non Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Covering


Technical Specification Technical Specification

• High gloss dry erase surface accepts whiteboard pens
• Attached to the wall using a heavy duty adhesive 
• Sections can be joined together to form large whiteboard walls

£55.00 Inc VAT: £66.00
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Order online or by phone 0161 850 9696 and quote SKU: WCOPT-1021

Non Magnetic whiteboard wall covering

This versatile and easy to use product offers the perfect solution where a large whiteboard material is required to cover a large surface area.

Supplied on a roll, and attached to the wall using adhesive, the surface allows you to write on / wipe off with dry wipe marker pens like a standard whiteboard, but is easy to install floor to ceiling, or across a room horizontally as shown below:

Surface type: High sheen, dry erase marker surface with protective Teflon coating in a white finish

Installation is as easy as applying a standard commercial wallcovering. Please see Specifications tab for details. It can be hung horizontally or vertically, to allow for optimum writing area as required. Pen trays and end caps can be used for a professional finish.

The whiteboard wall should be installed using the WWC Adhesive.


• Install using WWC Adhesive
• For writing, we highly recommend the use of Sanford Expo® Dry Marker pens. To avoid residual marks, we also advise regular cleaning with Expo® white Board Cleaner. These products are available to purchase as a Starter Kit which contains all the cleaning products you will need.
• Do not use ballpoint pens or other sharp pointed writing instruments on the Walltalkers surface
• Use non-abrasive cleaners. A household cleaner (eg Windolene) is acceptable. Rinse surfaces thoroughly with water after every cleaning.
• Permanent markings may be removed with alcohol or by writing over the markings with an Expo Dry Marker pen, then wiping clean

Technical Specification Technical Specification

General Preperation

Preparation is essential for a good quality installation. Any wall imperfections will be noticeable after the product is installed and a good smooth wall surface is critical for a uniform appearance. Side or window lit surfaces will increase the visibility of any wall imperfections. Therefore, all wall surfaces should be inspected carefully before installation to insure suitability.

• Brush off all dirt and loose material with a stiff bristle brush.
• Remove all old backing paper from wall surface. Ensure hanging surface is smooth, clean, dry in depth, of a uniform colour and in a sound condition.
• Surface should be free from contaminants such as dirt, dust, grease, mildew, ink stains etc - any of these can prevent adhesion taking place. Wash with detergent solution, rinse off with clean water and allow to dry.
• Mould and Algae should be treated with a fungicidal wash and use in accordance with the pack instructions and allow to dry.
• Fill cracks, holes  or defects flush with a proprietary filler in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
• Ensure floors are swept clean to avoid dirt gathering at skirting level.
• Ensure that you are installing under adequate lighting conditions.
• Site temperature should not be below 12°C (55°F). Avoid excessive heat until adhesive is fully dried


Plasterboard: Prime surface with WWC Primer in accordance with instructions and allow to dry before hanging. (File any nail heads, screws, etc. and coat with light coloured oil-based metal primer prior to primer if needed. All holes should be filled and smoothed.)

Porous surface (plaster, cement render, etc): Ensure old plaster stable and free of mould. Ensure new plaster dry in depth. Seal with WWC Primer.

Non-porous surface (glass, gloss paint, etc): Abrade surface to provide a key. Wash and dry thoroughly. Use WWC Adhesive.

Emulsion paint: Abrade surface to provide a good key. Wash and dry thoroughly. Apply one coat of WWC Primer.

Existing vinyl: Ensure substrate is completely sealed (ie no blown joints, shrinkage etc). Remove all grease, dirt, dust etc - a brush will help in loosening dirt from the crevices of the emboss. Rinse and allow to dry. Hang wallcoverings using WWC Adhesive.


• For best results, install horizontally to minimize noticeable seams.
• Measure the length of the wall to be covered starting and finishing into an internal angle and cut the wall covering to length, reversing each alternate length.
• Measure the height of the sections, and add a tolerance of say, 10cm to each figure. Cut and hang in sequence, numbering the top of each length to ensure the wall covering is reversed.
• Use full widths only. Do not in-fill over doors and windows out of sequence.
• Avoid positioning seams/joints in the main writing area.
• Using a brush and roller, apply the adhesive to the bottom section of wall first.
• Using a hard plastic spatula, after first smoothing the spatula edges, hang the cut length of wall covering with the pre-trimmed edge uppermost aligned to the lower chalk line.
• Take care not to scratch or crease the wall covering. Do not use metal, sharp or rough edged tools to smooth the wall covering to the wall.
•  Repeat this process with the full width piece of wall covering, applied to the centre section of the wall and aligned to the upper chalk line ensuring there is a minimum 5cm overlap.
•  Using a Joint Cutter and a spirit level or straight edge as a guide, trim the two sections of wall covering horizontally or vertically.
•  Remove the waste pieces and make the joint taking care not to get adhesive on the face of the wall covering.
• Repeat this process for the top section, again ensuring there is a minimum 5cm overlap and make the joint in the same manner.
• Hang 3 lengths, leave for an hour then inspect. Please contact us if in any doubt as to whiteboard wall coverings appearance. We cannot accept any claims for more than 3 lengths once material has been cut.
• Continue to check each drop for shading as you proceed.
• With overlap and trim material, overlap by approx. 5cm and trim down the middle. Always use a sharp blade to double-cut or trim material.
• If not carrying out a full wall installation, the wall covering should be framed for best appearance and to help edges remain tight to wall surface.
• Use wall covering spatula in up and down direction only. Horizontal smoothing may stretch the wall covering.
• Trim the ceiling skirting and sidelines using a snap blade knife and the plastic spatula as a guide.
• Avoid getting adhesive on the surface of any wall covering as complete removal may not be possible.
• Before using the wall covering surface, clean surface thoroughly with clean water and a soft cloth, then dry the surface using a soft dry lint free cloth. Be sure to remove any residual adhesive that may have been left during installation. Avoid scratching to remove any adhesive residue as this will damage the surface.

This product is supplied on the roll at 1.26m wide, and is purchased per linear meter.

Please add the number of meters required by selecting the quantity. Qty 1 = 1 linear meter (1.2m x 1.0m)

Minimum Roll Size = 1.265m wide x 1m length
Weight per Square Meter = Approx. 350 grammes

We offer discounts for larger quanities as shown below:

  1 - 9 linear meters   Full price
  10 - 19 linear meters   5% Discount
  20 - 29 linear meters   10% Discount
  30 linear meters plus   15% Discount

These discounts will be applied automatically when you update the quantity in the shopping cart.

For even larger quantities please email for a quotation or call our sales team

This product is a stock item and will usually be available for dispatch immediately. However, for up to date stock availability please email sales@gmav.co.uk or call the sales team .

Offshore and Delivery outside the UK
Delivery lead times and prices are for delivery to Mainland UK address. Please contact us for shipping costs to Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Scottish Highlands & Islands.

5 year limited warranty subject to terms and conditions. Please email or call the sales team to request the full T&Cs.

Please note: As this product is cut from the roll to your specific size requests, it is non returnable.