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Introducing The Flexi Family Of Products

Tired of being constrained by the size and limitations of whiteboards and flipcharts?

We offer a range of solutions to transform and modernise walls in offices, meeting rooms and classrooms in one quick and easy application. With a variety of different finishes and installation methods, our FLEXI range are faster to install than multi-layered paint solutions, and as they are also magnetically receptive, offer a great value-for-money collaborative wall solution

  • FlexiSheet is our biggest selling drywipe/magnetic wallpaper in two different widths.
  • FlexiStick is perfect for “instant” installations, simply peel off the backing and stick-on!
  • FlexiProject also has a self-adhesive backing, and has a matt “projectable” finish.
  • FlexiMag has a plain brown surface, perfect for painting or wallpapering on top of for a
    magnetic wall where drywipe isn’t required.
  • FlexiBoards are created by bonding our best-selling FlexiSheet to a lightweight 3mm foamex
    board to create a lightweight board for mobile use or mounting onto glass partitions etc



Drywipe magnetic wallpaper

FlexiSheet - Magnetic Whiteboard Roll

  • Superb drywipe and magnetic reception properties, use with drymarkers and magnets
  • Turn any wall or room into a modern, clutter-free and collaborative working area. 
  • Available in two roll widths of 1000mm & 1270mm, and roll lengths of 5m or 10m length
  • Faster to install than a multi-layered paint system, so more cost effective.


Self-adhesive drywipe magnetic wallpaper

FlexiStick - Drywipe, Gloss Faced With Self-Adhesive Backing

  • The same excellent drywipe and magnetic reception properties as our best-selling FlexiSheet
  • Self - adhesive backing  for fast installation and immediate use
  • Available in a roll width of 1260mm, and roll lengths of 10m or 20m
  • Best suited for smaller areas up to 2m wide, or to replace/rejuvenate old whiteboards


Self-adhesive projectable magnetic wallpaper

FlexiProjection - Drywipe, Matt Faced with Self-Adhesive Backing
  • The same excellent magnetic reception properties as our best-selling FlexiSheet
  • Special matt surface enhances projected images just like a projector screen
  • Available in a roll width of 1260mm, and roll lengths of 10m or 20m
  • Whiteboard capability, but will require cleaning spray to get rid of all the writing


Drywipe magnetic wallpaper panels

FlexiBoard - Lightweight, Magnetic, Drywipe Panel
  • FlexiBoards are created by bonding our best-selling FlexiSheet to a lightweight 3mm board
  • Perfect to create lightweight boards for mobile use, hot-desking, team exercises etc
  • Temporarily mount drywipe boards onto glass partitions, wall panels using Velcro or adhesive
  • Available in 2 stock sizes - 1200x1000mm and 1200x1500mm - Packs of 3 or 10 boards
  • CALL or CHAT with us for special sizes and pack quantities.

Trade Discount


 Are you a professional contractor, painter, plasterer, commercial interior designer, architect?, you can benefit from a trade discount. 

Simply register your details with us. Once verified, we will send you log-in details of your account. This means every time you order from us, you will qualify for an automatic discount.

Offer your customers dry-erase, magnetic and projector wallcoverings, paints and plaster to:

  • Reinvent working spaces
  • Create the largest working surfaces possible
  • Optimise space: consider corridors, columns, partition walls as well as walls, rooms and offices
  • Eliminate whiteboards, flipcharts and projector screens.

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