Why would I want magnetic whiteboard wallpaper wall coverings?

We offer a range of dry erase and magnetic rolls that turn any smooth flat surface into an instant whiteboard surface.

Ideal for meeting rooms, training rooms, and even corridors and doors - anywhere it would be handy to be able to leave notes, annotate and stick things to the wall with magnets.


Flexi Sheet, Whiteboard Wall Covering or IdeaPaint PULL?

When it comes to choosing the right product for the job, it can be confusing.

There are a number of factors to consider, so we have written the Whiteboard Wall Covering Selection Guide below to help you make that all-important decision. We understand that getting the choice wrong can be a costly mistake.... especially when you are paying professional decorators to install the product for you.

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Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Covering

If you are looking for a premium solution, we would recommend the Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Covering. The end result it a high gloss surface that accepts dry erase marker pens and magnetic attachments. The dry erase properties are of good quality and the product is very durable. Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Covering is nice and easy to install, typically coming with nice straight edges. It doesn't easily crease or fold during install and can be joint cut to form larger sections so you can cover full walls floor to ceiling.

Priced at @ £139* per linear meter (1m x 1.2m) - this is not a cheap solution. In the past we have found customers on a budget have ended up opting for the Non Magnetic version of the product due to budget constraints.


Flexi Sheet Magnetic Roll

Flexi Sheet is a fantastic value product that gives you a magnetically receptive surface (magnets stick to it) as well as good dry erase qualities. Similar to the product above, Flexi Sheet rolls are 1.2m wide.

Flexi Sheet is a snip at £69* per linear meter (per 1m x 1.2m) - almost half the price of the Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Covering, however we only sell it in larger quantities - multiples of 5. For example, a 5m roll, a 10m roll, a 15m roll and so on.

Whilst the quality of Flexi Sheet is lower than the Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Covering, the final result is similar. You may find the product a bit more tricky to install as it creases more easily, and the edges sometimes need to be straightened and neatened prior to installing, but once on the wall Flexi Sheet has a good strong magnetic pull, and reasonable dry erase qualities as long as you look after the surface with regular cleaning and the use of high quality dry erase pens.

Flexi Sheet Magnetically Receptive Dry Erase Roll Wall



Seamless Full Wall Installation

Whether you opt for Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Covering or FlexiSheet Magnetic Roll, if you are looking to cover full walls with the product, there will be join lines where the sections of the material meet.

If you are looking for a seamless fnish, there is a new solution on the market which combines IdeaPaint PULL magnetic wall covering with IdeaPaint high quality whiteboard Paint.

This is the most costly of the three solutions we offer, but by far and away the slickest final result. A magnetic, dry erase high gloss whiteboard wall with no seams, no join lines, and a really high quality durable finish.

This is a brand new product for the UK market so if you're interested - CONTACT US for pricing.

Pull Ideapaint



Price Comparison

An example price for a medium sized wall is worked out below for all three alternative product options to give you an idea of the price differences between these products.

Remember: Flexi Sheet is the budget option, Magnetic Wall Covering is high quality vinyl that can be joined together but will leave join lines, PULL and Ideapaint Combo give a magnetic, dry erase seamless finish.

Floor to ceiling height is 2.4m, the wall width is 5m long:


Qty Required


Price at time of writing


Flexi Sheet


1 roll of Flexisheet 1.2m wide x 10m long


£690 + VAT


Mag Whiteboard Wall Covering


10 linear meters of WWC, total 1.2m wide x 10m long


£1,320.50 + VAT
Including discount for purchasing 10 meters
PULL & IdeaPaint


2 Full Rolls of PULL
3 Tins of Ideapaint

£2226 + VAT  for the 15sqm PULL & PAINT bundle

* All pricing correct at time of writing this post and pricing exclusive of UK VAT