Child draws on wall Child drawing on the wall

Those words invoke fear into the hearts of many parents across the nation, you turn around to see your child beaming from ear to ear. And they have just scribbled all over your freshly panted wall donned in that very expensive Egyptian cotton paint. Noooooo!!!! You howl without trying to be cruel.


I only wanted to draw says your little one, the smile now turning into a frown.


Well now this situation can be avoided with a new concept that is sweeping the market.
What is this marvelous creation you may ask - it’s none other than a Scribble wall.
Yes that’s right – a scribble wall. It does exactly what it says on the tin, a wall surface that your little one can scribble on to their hearts content.


Why not transform your child’s bedroom wall, or the playroom walls into a Scribble wall.


FlexiSheet  Magnetic Whiteboard Wall FlexiSheet Magnetic Whiteboard Wall


Increase the fun by getting low emission dry wipe pens in various colours and a non toxic spray clean that’s safe for little ones to use. You will be surprised as they sit there for hours on end, creating their very own “masterpieces” . You may have a little da Vinci in the making!
Why not extend your teaching using the scribble wall, helping your child practice their ABC’S and to identify objects you draw, a great and engaging way to learn.





The surface is dry erase, magnetic, and can be cut to any size you require. Easy to install as a self adhesive version FlexiStick or adhesive version FlexiSheet that you paste onto the wall similar to wall paper. Quick install and drying time, can be used almost immediately after installation.

Of course fun for adults to use too , when the children aren’t looking!