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  1. Having Sketchpaint Fun at Half Term

    Having Sketchpaint Fun at Half Term
      Sketchpaint Whiteboard Paint Sketchpaint is a durable and creative dry erase paint product which turns any smooth surface into a whiteboard. One of our BEST SELLING products, you can read all about SketchPaint in our shop. There is lots of information about this product as well as PDF product guides and videos to watch. Get Creative One of the things we...
  2. Easymeeting Video Conferencing in Education

    Easymeeting Video Conferencing in Education
      Video Conferencing made easy   Video Conferencing in Education When Green Monkey partnered with Easymeeting Video Conferencing, we were surprised to hear about all their success stories in the educational marketplace. Whilst we could instantly see how Easymeeting could benefit our commercial customers, it was not immediately obvious to us that we should promote this product to our educational customers...
  3. Easymeeting - Success In the workplace

    Easymeeting - Success In the workplace
      Video Conferencing made easy   We understand that it is vitally important to maximize the benefits realized from every business expense incurred. When it comes to communication, this rule still applies. While email and phone calls are inexpensive and efficient means of communication, it is difficult to develop a strong business relationship with someone whose face you rarely, if ever...
  4. Monkey Tips #2 The need-to-knows of Whiteboard Wall Covering

    Monkey Tips #2 The need-to-knows of Whiteboard Wall Covering
    Whiteboard Wall Covering ..... an innovative product that gives you a sleek, professional look. One that bit more stylish than a normal whiteboard. You know you want this finish but where do you start in deciding between the different products? Hopefully I can help make them that bit clearer for you. 1) Do you want plain or gridded/lined? We have...
  5. DemoPad - automation at its best

    DemoPad - automation at its best
    Green Monkey AV recently became a Certified Installer of DemoPad enabling us to deliver world class automation and control solutions for our customers. In order to gain this we had to attend and pass thorough software training and complete a series of assessed projects so you know we can be trusted. As Certified Installers we have the direct support of...
  6. Al-Met Printed Whiteboard

    Al-Met Printed Whiteboard
    Al-Met came to us to create a bespoke specialised whiteboard in order for them to have a Weekly Production Plan to increase the efficiency within the organisation. As a specialist manufacturer of engineered components they pride themselves on being highly skilled in a well equipped facility, and wanted to ensure that all aspects of their factory represented this. From the...
  7. Printed Whiteboards

    Printed Whiteboards
    Ever had a specific requirement for a board and wondered if it was possible to have that design printed? Well rest assured with Green Monkey AV you can! From a sports board, a weekly planner or a target/sales board, nothing is beyond the realms of possibility. If you have the imagination, we have the capability! Take a look below for...
  8. Ways Whiteboards Are Being Used To Inspire

    Ways Whiteboards Are Being Used To Inspire
    Whiteboards aren’t just for boring things like to-do lists and project planning. Don't believe us? We’ve been browsing the internet to find interesting things people are doing with whiteboards, and we’ve found some really inspiring examples: The Honest Beauty Project Two girls in New York have been compiling photos to fight the “rigid (and often distorted) media portrayal of beauty”...
  9. Monkey Tips #1 . . . How to remove Permanent Pen from a Whiteboard

    Monkey Tips #1 . . . How to remove Permanent Pen from a Whiteboard
    Don't you just hate it when someone uses a permanent pen on your new whiteboard!? An avoidable mistake often causes the whole office to panic - yet there is really no need! Be the hero by knowing this one simple trick . . .  

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